You are looking for a Zauberer playing the Show in englisch / english ? I am also an expert in Balloon- modelling ! 

I’ll be there for – Birthday, wedding, party, birthday parties for kids, company event, colourful evenings,cabaret show, kindergarden, school, advertising event, summer camp , pathfinder meeting, Christmas, after dinner show......

Zauberer Zaubershow can be done in English or German ( or in parallel )

I am located in germany  Deutschland  close to Stuttgart Baden Württemberg also doing magic in Bayern and Hessen  german (y) 

This is one major point of my thinking. Zauberer for the children, that means being part in the magic show and doing magic – right the hands of the kids. that is absolute fun and entertainment.

The audience will be surprised by new tricks and effects. They also will be involved , for example the magic happens in their hands. And for sure I’ll keep them laughing. Especially while performing the magic show in front of children, they will be the star of the show and enjoy very much. 

The guests of all ages can enjoy my kind magic because the show is entertaining the whole family

I have 20 years of experience in magic at the professional level I am your Zauberer for both languages englisch / english and german

 Quality magic entertainment - Zauberer in english - englisch

Performing magic tricks – they will enchant your audience. Magical entertainment and shows for every sort of event. 

I prefer to works for and especially with the audience ! Incredible magical effects


Of course there is a present for every magic assistant – an animal made of balloons.


 Every show is designed to fit the age of its audience

  Balloon- modelling - the creation of a whole various animals made of balloons – and not just animals !! A nice gift all the time.

Showdetails and Pictures and further infomation in german

Just call me or send a email

Thomas Erichsen   Tel. 07141-660444  , Mobil 0174-4426089     zaubershow privatfeier firmenfeier